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Why the name Normscar?

I have a dog named Norman and my wife has a dog named Scarlet. It all started when I moved into these apartments. My dog got out of the house because the front door wasn't shut all the way, and he decided to go to the dog park. Well, I wasn’t aware of that and panicked. I went outside shouting his name, but there was no sign of him. So I went to his favorite place which is the dog park inside of the apartment complex. He was there and was playing with a NEW dog and they were immediate best friends. The owner was a beautiful blonde girl with hazel eyes! She had just moved to the apartments and we hit it off just like that. It went from dog dates to bringing us together, then to soul mates. I started my business and wanted a name that was meant for what I do. NORMSCAR fits it! It's about LOVE and that’s what I do.